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An International Bestseller!

The Charm Bracelet by Viola Shipman

The Charm Bracelet is now in paperback!

An International Bestseller!
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Welcome! I am honored to be able to write novels for readers like you that are inspired by my grandmothers’ heirlooms, lives and lessons. The stories I write are meant to serve as a universal tribute to family as well as all of our elders, whose stories and sacrifices helped shape us and make us the people we are today. I am proud that my books are steeped in emotion and sentimentality, as that is how I was raised. My parents and grandparents scrimped and saved for me to have a better life. They were poor, and I was raised in a family who for a very long time had little to give but the gifts to say I love you and Thank you, and to dole out hugs freely. That changed me and influenced my writing.

Moreover, my novels are meant to parallel life – about bad things that often, unfortunately, happen to good people – and how we soldier through the hardships in our lives with love, faith, hope and each other. I think it is vitally important to write books and characters who honestly parallel our own existences.

My latest novel, The Hope Chest, does just that. It was inspired by my family hope chests – and the special keepsakes that were held inside – and is about finding hope when you think all is lost. It’s about three people who have lost a part of themselves and what happens when one woman’s heirloom hope chest is rediscovered: Mattie is a fiercely independent woman battling ALS; Don is her devoted husband facing a future without his one true love as their 50th wedding anniversary approaches; and Rose, their caregiver, is a young single mother trapped in her life. As the heart heals, hope finds its way home again

I couldn’t be prouder of The Hope Chest, which is a tribute to my uncle, who waged a long, courageous battle with ALS and taught me the meaning of grace, as well as to the caregivers who loved and cared for my father in his final years – angels who walk this earth and redefined the meaning of family to me.

I am also proud of my holiday novella, Christmas Angels, which is the perfect e-stocking stuffer for the holidays at only 99 cents. The story is a lovely love story that will remind readers of the meaning and magic of Christmas, and the fact that Christmas (and guardian) angels are all around, if only we choose to see them. This magical story was inspired by my family’s heirloom holiday angels: Tree toppers, cookie cutters and holiday pins. It’s the perfect read to put you in the holiday mood.

Thank you for visiting, and I truly hope my books reconnect you to your own family’s stories, heirlooms, histories and traditions. As my mother, a former hospice nurse, used to say, “Life is as short as one blink of God’s eye. Make sure you honor and enjoy your time here.”

Much love!

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