Heartfelt Thanks to My Readers!

Over the past two years, I’ve done nearly 100 events across the United States. I’ve visited bookstores, libraries, book clubs, women’s groups and community centers. I’ve spoken to a handful of readers and to an auditorium filled with hundreds of people. As an author, I spend much of my time alone (usually drinking coffee in an old, but very soft, robe), my characters my company. When I write, I don’t think of the outcome: How the book will do, what readers will think, the places I will visit. I’m in another world, joyously lost for months. And when I’m done, and I set out on the road, I still don’t know what you will think of my new work.

That’s why I’ve been beyond thrilled that my novels have resonated so deeply with you. Moreover, I’ve been happy and humbled that so many of you have not only turned out to greet me at events but also that you’ve brought pieces of your lives and heart – your own family heirlooms – to share with me. I’ve been overwhelmed by the many, many readers who have worn charm bracelets and jangled them while I read. I’ve been touched by the family Bibles, quilts, photo albums, dishes and vases that readers have taken time to bring to events. And, oh, the family recipes and recipe cards you want to share (more on this in the next newsletter!)! Above all this, however, is the fact that you’ve shared your stories with me, your family histories, your dreams, hopes, sacrifices and souls. We’ve laughed together and cried together, and there is no greater joy for an author than when readers share as much of themselves as we do with you.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!