My “Virtual” Book Tour

Due to the health and safety of readers, the book tour for The Heirloom Garden was cancelled. Of course, this was the only decision to make, but it still was no less heartbreaking. My publisher and I spent months and months planning these events, and I love nothing more than connecting with readers in person, bringing my book to life, and hugging on each and every one of you. That said, there was a beautiful silver lining to all of this. I learned how to do a virtual book tour, and so many wonderful events occurred on the fly. New York Times bestselling author Nancy Thayer helped launch my novel with a Facebook Live that was “attended” by hundreds of readers. I did events with the Cleveland Library, Milwaukee Reads and Boswell Books, the Loutit Public Library (in Grand Haven, where The Heirloom Garden is set), as well as talks with New York Times bestselling author Sarah McCoy, USA Today bestselling author Kristy Woodson Harvey (my pub day buddy!) and Guiding Light star and author Tina Sloan, plus a chat with the incomparable Carol Fitzgerald from The Book Report (who creates my beautiful web sites). I was able to meet readers and authors I never would have met, and learned to do things I never would have done (and readers who weren’t able to be live with me can re-watch all of my book events). In every dark cloud there is truly a silver lining. And I found it in YOU!

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