One of My RECIPE BOX Recipes (And Essays) Was in Taste of Home!

One of my favorite magazines is Taste of Home. I keep it in my kitchen, along with Cooking Light (it’s all about balance, right?). I love the recipes that home cooks share, along with the personal stories behind them. I make a ton of these recipes, many of which become favorites that I make over and over again. I was thrilled to meet with the editors of Taste of Home (and Country Woman, more on that in a separate news item!) and even more thrilled when they asked me to write a personal essay for their beloved “Mom’s Best” column and share a recipe from The Recipe Box. I shared my Ozarks Ice Cream Sliders, which is a fancy name for the ice cream sandwiches I used to make with my family. In short, the sliders are made from chocolate chip-cherry chunk cookies with homemade vanilla ice cream (and maybe a scoop of caramel!). The recipe, story and family memories behind it can be found here!

See the recipe for Ozarks Ice Cream Sliders and Chocolate Chip-Cherry Chunk Cookies here.

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