Rave Review from Library Journal

So thrilled to receive a glowing review from Library Journal, the publication for America’s libraries and librarians. They wrote:

Cozy Cottage has been in Adie Lou’s family for generations, and it’s always been her happy place. When she’s divorced by her cheating husband, she leaves her fancy house and job in Chicago and heads to the summer cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan. Encouraged by her 19-year-old son, Evan, she decides to make Cozy Cottage into a year-round B&B, in the process reconnecting with old summertime friends. Set in an idyllic small town and populated by charming, lovable characters, Shipman’s novel offers a soothing alternative to the chaotic world around us. Adie Lou’s goodness in thought and deed feels authentic, and her quirks make her realistic. Her friends, family, and B&B customers are also full of good intentions blended with enough sass to remain saccharine-free. The challenges in turning the cottage into a paying venture lead to amazingly positive results, but who could begrudge these characters their happy ending? VERDICT Share this wholesome story with readers looking for a contemporary novel focused on personal empowerment.