The Summer Cottage was Michigan’s bestselling novel this summer for three straight months! And it was the state’s #1 bestselling novel – out of all books sold – for two straight months this summer. Moreover, since The Summer Cottage published, it has:

-Hit the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association bestseller list twice, a list which includes the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan, and contains 11 of the top 100 biggest population centers in the US

-Hit the B&N bestseller list (in both print and e-book)

-Been named a B&N Staff Pick

-Been named an Amazon Book of the Month (Heartfelt Fiction) and hit the Amazon Kindle Bestseller List (Top 100 Kindle Books/All Books)

I believe that the power of the art should stand on its own, free of sales numbers and bestseller lists and profit-loss statements, but I also know that it is difficult to continue doing what I do without such things. So, I say the above not out of ego, but because I am beyond thankful to each and every one of you who has supported me, purchased a book, read an early galley, recommended the novel to family and friends, showed up at my events, reviewed the novel, and supported me from the beginning. I say this at every event: Books change lives. Art changes lives. It provides a perspective into worlds, ideas, thoughts, lives that we never imagined. As a result, we are changed, and that ripples outward. As a result, WE change lives.

I am very proud of this novel and its powerful themes of home, starting over, dreaming, taking risks, small-town community, and simply being happy. Like all my novels, The Summer Cottage is a tribute to family, memories, heirlooms, our elders and a reminder to readers of what truly matters most in life.

You have reminded me of what matters most: And that is YOU. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!