The Summer Summer Cottage Tour (and The Fall Tour Is On Its Way)!

Since the end of April, when The Summer Cottage launched into this world, I have done nearly 40 events and book clubs. I have toured from Orange County, California, to Cleveland, and crisscrossed the state of Michigan from Dowagiac to Detroit. Moreover, I have chatted with book clubs in person (one group had nearly 50 members in attendance!) and Skyped with book clubs in Louisiana, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida and the Carolinas. Can it be exhausting? Yes! But is it always exhilarating? YES! I love meeting readers and talking about books. Moreover, I love hearing YOUR stories. My novels are meant as a tribute to family and a reminder to readers to slow down and remember what’s most important in life. They are also meant to remind you that your life is unique and powerful, that dreams are meant to be pursued, and that your voice can change the world. YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY!

Speaking of which: Here are a few of my favorite tour photos with all my extraordinary readers!

And I’m thrilled that my fall will be pumpkin-packed with more events! Check out my appearances here, and I hope our paths cross in the future! xoxo!